Hey there, friend!

We’re Kate and Franki- nice to meet cha!!

Meet Kate Meet Franki
Meet Kate + Franki
We are flower-fairy, soul-sisters loving the world bright. We have Macgyver superpowers, creative souls and sometimes speak through sound effects. Unique, sculptural and botanically inspired installations make us swoon and we LOVE the sweet couples who drive our creativity. We love everything about our jobs fueled by laughter, caffeine and florals.

“With grace in her heart and flowers in her hair.” Mumford and Sons

I am living my best life surrounded by flowers.

a mama with 15 arms.
an experience of beauty and creativity fueled by vision.
a lucky girl who married her college best friend.
a human constantly working on self care while balancing all the hats.
the owner and lead designer of With Flourish.


An Artist at Heart

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. Before working at With Flourish, I tried the traditional ‘behind the desk’ jobs and finally realized I am an artist through-and-through. Nothing gives me more peace than using my two hands to create something beautiful. I’m a dog mom, passionate reader, water-slide lover and I have a terrible sweet tooth. Kate and I have a wedding day Oreo McFlurry problem…

Check out some of my very favorite things we’ve made below.