Elegant White to Rust Wedding

Elegant White to Rust Wedding


This elegant white and rust wedding was one that we loved to be a part of. Laura loved elegant, classic whites but wanted to add just a bit of something different to her wedding day flower vision. And so, we added touches of gold and rust! We used a base of giant cafe au lait dahlias, stark white China mum's, and creamy Sahara roses. Small orchids, rusty magnolia leaves and pops of golden orange centered trying pan poppies were some of my favorite of the unique touches on this day! And then, everything was draped in golden green seeded eucalyptus and other fresh yellowed foliage. Talk about heavy on the texture!

Laura and her maids held some pretty beautiful personal bouquets but my very favorite thing from this day was the reception space. Down the long farm tables were seeded garlands thick and full of these ruffley blooms. Along with these whites, creams and that's, this sweet genius of a bride rented dark teal plates and brass goblets and silverware for her guests! Ahhhhh so so pretty! One of my very favorite table set ups.

I gotta to tell you. This was not the original plan. Over a year before her wedding, Laura and I met and talked about a classic color pallet of white with grey-blueish foliage. Really simple and classic. THEN, a few months before her wedding Laura emailed and said, ya know, scrap it! And she proceeded to send me a picture and explain that instead, she wanted a creamy, white, golden rust kinda a day. We were both so excited! Here she was, letting go of a safe option and fully embracing something that was just more them. You guys, if you are a bride making wedding decisions or a human living fully, do this! Let go of the comfortable and seek out the most you. We could all learn a bit from this gal!

This elegant white to rust wedding day was beautiful! But it was far from easy. As much as we love our jobs there are some rough parts! This day was one of those almost hurricane, wait I didn't realize I was in the shower, kinda days. Down pouring rain, wind throwing florals around and frozen fingers kind of a day!Here's what from it today. When your fingers feel frozen solid and you're bummed that your arrangement got rained on, trust that something else is happening. Trust that, even though the path in front of you might not be as obviously beautiful (or easy or comfortable) as what you imagined yourself to be on, there is something there for you. Some hidden jeweled glory for you alone to see and grow from. Some glistening raindrop diamonds falling if you take the time and space to see them.


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