"With grace in her heart and flowers in her hair." - Mumford and Sons

Meet Kate

I am living my best life surrounded by flowers.
I am a mama with 15 arms.
I am a lucky girl who married her college best friend.
I am a human constantly working on self care while balancing all the hats.

I am also the owner and lead designer of With Flourish.

Hello there friend!

I'm Kate Garcia. Nice to meet you.

I live in Ocean Beach San Diego. Our home is a little beach cottage of many colors with a big garden out front. I work out of my home too so the girls and I are realllll homebodies.

These are some things that make my heart beat faster: my sweet baby girls, my husband, God's love for me, this amazing job, anything that grows from the ground up to the sky and the way the sunlight settles in a soft golden puddle on the floor.

I am an introverted extrovert who LOVES getting excited about beauty. I have a problem trying to do everything all at once and failing (obviously...) But I'm slowly learning how to be content in all circumstances; to live life with flourish.

My story


I swear I was born a flower child.

From an early age I went out of my way to stop, gawk and pick flowers. This early obsession followed me to my college years where I studied English and was often referred to as “that short girl with the big glasses and yellow flowers in her hair.”

Because of this passion and reputation I had the opportunity to design the flowers for a few friend’s weddings and enjoyed every second of the late nights and extra long weekends, working to create something beautiful for their special moment. I felt that my love for my friends and my excitement for their marriage was translated through my hands and into the arrangements. I knew I had found my superpower.

After I finished college I got a job as a teacher. I taught middle school for three years and loved so many thing about it. But I felt that I needed a creative outlet. I also wanted a sustainable career that allowed me to take care of my family.

And so, I casually started a website with pictures from my past weddings and told friends and family that I was thinking about doing some floral design within the next few years. However, my plans dramatically shifted. Not only did requests start flooding in, but I FELL IN LOVE with meeting with couples and making their day a masterpiece to celebrate their love.

I haven’t looked back since. There are struggles and criticism whispering in my head.. Somehow though, those whispers are drowned out by the dancing of my hands over beautiful flowers and I know that I am where I am meant to be.

True or False


What's your favorite flower?


Ok I honestly cannot decide ever! I cant help but appreciate big lush show stopper blooms in the perfect shade like quicksand roses, cafe au lait dahlias, coral charm peonies, double petaled tulips, gold sunflowers, anthurium, red king protea and a hundred others. However, I really love all the textured goodness of the small guys like majolica spray roses, light blue larkspur, blushing bride protea, cranberry amaranths, misty, jasmine, silver thistle, brown-blush astilbe, scabiosa.... ok I could go on forever. And of course theres my greenery crushes: gunni eucalyptus, plumosa, pepper berry, magnolia and sword fern. Sorry I guess that doesn't answer the question!


Southern California born and raised?


Mostly true but a little false. I grew up in Orange County until I was 10 and then moved to Virginia for 4 years before moving back; to the same neighborhood! It wasn't that long but Virginia made quite an imp



I'd love to meet you too!

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